Afton Motorsports Park Rules

The general rules for Afton Motorsports Park are listed on this and two other pages.

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General Rules - Page 2

Page 1 of Rules: [Go to Page 1] Includes Insurance, Membership, Speedway Facility, Driver and Car Safety
Page 2 of Rules: [Handicapping] [Pits] [Track] [Weighing] [Transponders][Radio Communication] [Dumping Oil and Tires] [Protest] [Protest Fees]
Page 3 of Rules: [Go to Page 3] Includes Point System Chart
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  1. Starting in week three, if any of the top five (5) in track points fail to qualify for the feature they will be offered the opportunity to “buy in”. Only two (2) spots will be taken starting with positions 1 – 5 in points. They must have attempted to qualify. If the top five in the current points standings all are qualified, the “buy in” will be offered to the previous seasons top five (5) in points. After that it will be offered to unqualified cars in finishing order from qualifying races. Any “buy in” cars will race for 25th place points and money for the position they finish the feature.
  2. The number of cars to be qualified through each heat and consi will be determined by the handicapper and posted on the pit board before the first heat.
  3. If a driver qualifies more than one car, he must drive the last qualified car in the feature. The other car is not eligible. On postponed events, the driver qualified may run a different car without losing his position.
  4. All driver changes MUST be reported at pit check in or to the pit steward. Failure to report a driver change will result in a one week handicapping penalty and no points or money for that race.
  5. Any handicapping and scoring inquiries must be made to the pit steward. NO person affiliated to any race team is allowed in the scoring tower. Failure to abide by this rule will result in suspension and fines for that race team and individual.
  6. Finishing order, money and points are considered official when posted at the pit board after the feature. Any questions regarding the finishing order must be directed to the pit steward first for him to contact the scorers. Any discrepancies must be taken care of before leaving the speedway that night.
  7. No car can compete in two (2) classes without prior approval from the promoters.
  8. No driver can compete in more than one class without prior approval from the promoters.
  9. The first two (2) weeks of a new season will be a draw for heat starting positions in all classes. Feature line ups will be a redraw based on the amount of cars. The number to redraw will be posted on the pit board before the first heat race. Regular handicapping will start on week three.
  10. Starting in week three, if any of the top five (5) in track points fail to qualify for the feature they will be offered the opportunity to "buy in". Only two (2) spots will be taken starting with positions 1 - 5 in points. They must have attempted to qualify. If the top five in the current points standings all are qualified, the "buy in" will be offered to the previous seasons top five (5) in points.
  11. Bubble cars will be used if there are qualified cars that cannot make the feature and there are no "buy in" cars, to fill the field at 24. They must be ready and on the track before the field takes the white flag for the original start.
  12. Drivers must take the original green flag to receive points and money. Any qualified car that does not take the original green flag will be considered "DNS" did not start.
  13. All restarts will be lined up based on the last completed lap.
  14. Handicap points will be based on points earned over the past three complete features. Cars not entering those events will be handicapped as a win plus one point.
  15. The number of cars to qualify and be handicapped for the feature will be determined by the number of cars entered that night. It will be posted on the pit board before the first heat.

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  1. No excessive speeding in the pits. Penalties will be issued for speeding.
  2. All cars must be staged before their event goes on the track or will have to start in the rear. If a car will not start in the staging area, it may be pushed started and keep their original starting position as long as they do not hold up the start of the race. If they hold up the start of the race they will have to start in the rear.
  3. We will not wait for any cars to start a race. Must be ready when your race comes on the track. If not on the track for the original green flag you will not be able to run.
  4. When entering or exiting the race track you must keep your car under control, to avoid other cars and crew members in the pits.
  5. There is NO use of the horse track other than crossing over it when entering the pits and exiting the track. Except for the winner to visit victory lane in front of the grandstands.
  6. No drums of fuel allowed it pit area.
  7. During feature events only, we will try to give a race team two (2) caution laps to change a flat tire or make a minor repair. We will NOT give a car 2 laps if they stop on the track to bring out the caution flag. This rule is in effect as long as there is allowable time due to curfew.
  8. Final finishing orders will be posted on the pit board shortly after each feature. Any discrepancies must be made then to the pit steward to get resolved. Payoff will be shortly after at the pit shack.

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  1. The flagger's lap count is official.
  2. Flagger has complete charge of track while racing. No protest allowed on flagger's decision.
  3. Only track officials, safety and wrecker crews will be allowed on the track in the event of an accident. NO crew members are allowed on the track. Violation may cause disqualification and/or suspension.
  4. No repairs can be made on the track. You must report to the pit area and return to the rear of the field.
  5. Under caution, any car that goes to the pits must return to the rear of the field.
  6. All cars must take the initial green flag in the feature to be eligible for points and money.
  7. Any car that is involved, spins or stops to avoid an accident is considered part of the caution and must start in the rear.
  8. If the caution comes out for an accident in turn one and someone spins in turn three after the original caution has been displayed, they are not considered part of the caution and can remain in there position.
  9. Anytime the red flag is displayed all cars are to stop as soon as safely possible. No cars can enter the pits or be worked on as long as the red is displayed.
  10. Any car causing three (3) cautions in the same event will be sent to the pits. The flagger may black flag any car causing unnecessary delays or for safety reasons. If given the black flag report to the pits immediately or be disqualified.
  11. Any driver violating any of the flag rules will be penalized.
  12. Rough riding WILL BE penalized. If occasion warrants, driver may be fined and/or suspended. All fines and suspensions are at the discretion of the track promoters.
  13. All starts are at the cone in turn four (4). All cars must stay in line to that cone. Anyone jumping the start will be penalized. First penalty for jumping any start is two (2) positions either at the next caution or at the end of the race. Second time to the rear, third time to the pits.
  14. In the event of a caution before one (1) lap is completed, it will be considered an original restart except for the car(s) involved in the caution. Any cars in the caution must go to the rear.
  15. All restarts will be double file until the halfway point of the race. After half way, restarts will be single file. If during double file restarts the field does not complete a lap in two (2) tries, field will be lined up single file for the remainder of the event.
  16. The race leader has choice of inside or outside on restarts. NOT the original start. The leader paces the start either on the inside or outside.
  17. When the caution comes out all cars are to get single file. This is so the scorers can review the line up and to make it easier for safety and wrecker crews to attend to an accident.
  18. The scorer will communicate with the drivers and track officials as to what the correct line up is. Anyone that challenges their position will be sent to the rear.
  19. No driver is permitted to stop at the flagger stand for any reason. The only time a driver should communicate with a track official during a race is for debris on the track or some other unsafe situation. Pull to the inside of track and talk to one of the corner flaggers.
  20. There may be a time limit put on feature events for curfew or threatening weather reasons. You will be notified before the start of your feature if this is going to be enforced.
  21. Any competitor that uses their car at any time for retaliation purposes will be disqualified for that event and possible suspension and/or fines.

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  1. At the end of each feature event the top five (5) cars are to report directly to the scale area in the TECH BUILDING. Cars that are supposed to report to scales and do not will be disqualified. Scorer will notify the cars that need to report to scale area.
  2. On occasion there could be a random finishing position drawn to be weighed at the end of the feature also. That car will be told on the radio after the race or may be determined before the feature events start.
  3. Any car tampered with before weighing will be disqualified.
  4. All weights are dry with driver, just the way you finished the race. If car is under weight, we will weigh the rest of the cars and give you a second chance without leaving the scale area. If under weight on second reading you will be disqualified.
  5. Track scales are official. NO tolerance. No protest or appealed allowed.
  6. Any car can voluntarily be weighed when the scales are open, preferably before heat races start. Voluntary weights will only be shared with the driver.
  7. The first car to cross the scales must be the winning car before going to victory lane.

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  1. All Modifieds and Sportsman competing at Afton Motorsports Park must have a Transponder.
  2. Transponders are available for rent at the Tech Building for a fee.
  3. Transponders must be securely mounted (as per mounting rule) and in working condition at all times.

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  1. One-way radios are MANDATORY in ALL divisions racing at Afton Motorsports Park.
  2. Radio frequency used by the speedway for drivers is 454.000
  3. Cars not equipped with one-way radios will not be able to compete.
  4. One-way radios are used by scorer and track officials to communicate with drivers, for line ups and cautions. Also for any driver that is to be penalized for an on track incident.
  5. Under caution ALL cars are to get single file, track scorer will radio any wrong positions. Any drivers protesting their restart position will be sent to the rear.
  6. Any car stopping on the track to protest a restart position will be sent to the rear.
  7. Radios are considered a working part of the race car. Be sure that they are working. Track will run periodic test.
  8. No two-way radio communication between driver and crew.

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  1. The law prohibits the dumping of oil or leaving old tires on the speedway premises. Track will supply a barrel to dump used oil in at the pit shack.
  2. Any race team found dumping oil on the grounds will be fined $100, disqualified and turned over to local authorities for prosecution. Any team found leaving old tires on the grounds will be fined $100 per tire. Team is suspended till fines are paid.

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  1. Only a driver and/or owner may file a protest.
  2. All protest must be in writing and given to the pit steward within ten minutes of the conclusion of the event. The written protest must state exactly what is being protested on the car in question. Only one (1) particular part per protest. Written protest must include money.
  3. Any crew member interfering with the protest process will cause the protest to either be disallowed or disqualification of the protested car depending on which car the crew member is from.
  4. Results and findings by track officials will be final.
  5. Depending on the infraction, car may be disqualified and scored as such. Also will have to be reinspected and any fines paid in order to race again.
  6. If a formal protest is made, the payoff may be delayed until the protest is satisfied.
  7. Any finishing order discrepancies must be made within ten (10) minutes of official posting at the pit board to the pit steward. A check of the scoring will be reviewed and the official finish will either be recertified or corrected.
  8. Any protest deemed retaliatory or lacking substance may be disallowed at the discretion of track officials and/or promoters.
  9. Visuals inspections and protest must be done before the event begins.


  1. Illegal Part: $100
  2. Illegal Weight: $100
  3. P & G: $100
  4. Internal Motor Part: $300 ($200 to protested car if legal, $200 returned if illegal)

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