Afton Motorsports Park Crate Sportsman Rules

The Crate Sportsman rules for Afton Motorsports Park are listed on this page.

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Page 1 of Rules: Go to Page 1 of Rules, includes Engines, Carburetor/Air Cleaner, Ignition/Rev Box
Page 2 of Rules: Go to Page 2 of Rules, Includes Exhaust/Muffler Systems, Oil Cooler/Oiling System/Enging Cooling, Drive Shaft/Rear End/Axels, Front End, Shocks/Springs/Suspension, Fuel, Fuel Cells, Bodys/Bumpers, Wheelbase/Tread Width, Wheels/Tires, Weights, Wheel Combinations.
Page 3 of Rules: [Protests] [Penalties and Fines] [Conclusion]

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  1. Protest fee(s) will be based on the part being protested with the exception of major components such as Engine, transmission, rear end, and fuel cell. To protest any of those it's a flat $500. The fee(s) to protest any other part will depend on the part in question. EXAMPLE: If a driver protests another's shocks, the fee is $150 for the shock in question, $25 Speedway Protest Filing Fee. To protest fuel the fee is a flat rate of $150.
  2. Only a driver, car owner, or designated representative of any car owner may protest another racecar's parts/components.
  3. The GM 602 Crate Engine comes with factory seals. The factory seals must remain in place unaltered and as originally manufactured. Factory GM seals should not be tampered, modified, or removed. The crate engine comes this way for a reason and should not be altered in any way.
  4. Only cars finishing on the lead lap may protest another. Also only cars finishing in the top 10 positions can be protested. Top 5 preferred, rest of top 10 at Speedway officials discretion.
  5. Any non-compliance or refusal of inspection during an official points protest will result in a disqualification of the protested racecar. Speedway officials will determine penalty based off failed inspection.
  6. Protests can only be completed based on the above-mentioned guidelines and/or what the track has time or capabilities of completing. Please be understanding in all protest rules and guidelines.

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Penalties and Fines

  1. All drivers, crews, owners, and fans are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner. As enthusiasts everyone enjoys dirt track racing with passion like no other sport. Afton Motorsports Park encourages individualism and passion, however when the situation arises where professionalism is required, it is expected.
  2. Any physical and/or verbal abuse to any Track Official, or fellow competitors/teams/owners/fans by any one team can result in penalties including and up to fines and suspensions.
  3. Any behavior detrimental to the track or sponsors/partners can result in penalties including and up to fines and suspensions.
  4. Any driver who takes part in on track retaliation, rough driving, or physical/verbal altercations prior to or post event can result in penalties including and up to fines and suspensions.
  5. Afton Motorsports Park is aware no one person can be directly responsible for another's actions, however the actions of others representing a driver or his/her team can be interpreted as representation of said team. This can result in penalties including and up to fines and suspensions.
  6. Any technical rule violation can result in penalties including and up to fines and suspensions. Afton Motorsports Park officials will determine proper penalties, fines, point deductions, etc. based on the severity of the penalty. Afton Motorsports Park reserves the right to impose any penalties to fit the violations.
  7. Fines range from minimum $50 to maximum $500. If a driver is fined said driver couldn't compete for track Points until imposed fine is paid in full.
  8. Suspensions handed down to any driver, crewmember, or owner must be served in full prior to returning to Afton Motorsports Park events for money and/or points.

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Please understand the rules and/or guidelines are in place to keep the 602 Crate Sportsman division cost effective and balanced for all competitors.

Remember 3 things about rules:

  1. Just because it isn't listed, doesn't make it legal.
  2. If you are unsure of the interpretation, ask.
  3. There is no 'what if' section in any rulebook. Rules are subject to change for the betterment of the sport.

Good luck to all drivers.

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