Afton Motorsports Park Empire Sport Truck Class Rules

The Empire Sport Truck rules for Afton Motorsports Park are listed on this and three other pages, linked to below.


Page 1 of Rules: [Eligible Trucks] [Chassis] [Rollcage] [Engine Location] [Weight] [Body]
Page 2 of Rules: [Go to page 2] Includes Engine, Fuel/Air, Ignition, Transmission, Fuel Cell, Exhaust, Cooling System and Batteries.
Page 3 of Rules: [Go to Page 3]Includes Rear End, Dirve Shaft, Brakes, Suspension, Steering, Tires and Wheels.
Page 4 of Rules: [Go to page 4] Includes General Build, Driver Attire and Miscellaneous.
[PDF of Empire Sport Truck Rules] [Download Adobe Acrobat]

These rules are posted here as convenience only. Not responsible for any type-O's or other copying mistakes. Call the track office if you have any questions. Make sure you read all safety and procedural rules outlined in the rule book.

The intent of the Empire Sport Truck class is to create an affordable, rear-wheel-drive option for rookies, and veterans to compete on an even playing field. These rules are designed to create equal opportunities for all drivers, and available makes and models, as well as drivers, to visit victory lane. These rules will not change significantly from year to year. EST or track officials have the final say as to whether something unspecified is legal.

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Eligible Trucks


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Engine Location


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  • May repair/replace rust/damage with 20 guage sheetmetal. Any repairs must be done with pride. Must include all factory bodylines.
  • Any replacement body panels must have all factory body lines and must be factory dimension and location.
  • Trucks must have either a full bed or "tonneau cover".
  • Bed covers must be used if the bed has been gutted (no "open" beds).
  • Bed covers must be solid (steel, aluminum, plastic, leather, etc.).
  • Spoilers may be used, 5" tall surface area maximum.
  • May use sideboards on spoiler, no more than 12" long, no taller than spoiler.
  • May run aftermarket nose and tail piece.
  • Cab must be intact and maintain stock dimensions, including stock floor pans and firewalls. May be cut for exhaust.
  • No fiberglass body panels.

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