Afton Motorsports Park Race Report

Another Working Man's Race Shocker as Smith Slays 60 Car Field to Become Tenth Different Short Track Super Nationals winner — Watt wins American Racer Cup Champions Challenge — Cecce win Street Stocks Grand — Albanese claims Street Stock American Racer Challenge Cup — Ward takes down IMCA Checker

By JR Kennerup

Short Track Super Nationals 10, Saturday Night ~ Results

Afton, NY — Over the first nine years of the Short Track Super Nationals it has been proven by looking at the list of feature winners that this race can be won by anybody.

On Saturday night at the Afton Motorsports Park that analogy proved to be true once again as former asphalt Modified racer and one night a week racer Rusty Smith of Oxford, NY completely dominated the 50 lap feature to claim the $5,000 win.

Smith took the lead on lap 10 from Jordan Watson and survived four restarts and heavy lap traffic to claim the win. Andy Bachetti, Mike Gular, Mike Ricci, and Rich Ricci, Jr. completed the top five.

Bridgeport Speedway track champion Ryan Watt who failed to qualify for the feature went home with some bucks in his pocket. As he won the American Racers Cup Champions Challange worth $2,000.

Dylan Cecce won the 20 lap Street Stock feature worth $1,000. As he took the lead from Earl Zimmer with two laps to go and went on to the win, Kurt Stebbins, Tyler Yeagle, and Gene Sharpsteen rounded out the top five.

Skyline and Thunder Mountain Speedways track champion Lanson Albanese won the 15 lap American Racers Cup Champions Challenge for Street Stocks, worth $500.

William Ward won the 20 lap IMCA Modified feature worth $400. Ward passed Ken Buck on lap 11 and never looked back to claim the win, Jake Maynard, Tyler Stoddard, Gary Roberts, and Buck completed the top five.

Kevin Jordan and Rich Ricci, Jr. brought the 29 car field to start the 50 lap feature with Sportsman racer Jordan getting the lead over Jordan Watson, Ricci, Rusty Smith, and Danny Creeden.

Watson moved into the lead on lap three and when Jordan pulled pitside under green on lap four this moved Ricci into second followed by Smith, Creeden, and Alan Barker.

Smith got past Ricci for second on lap five with Barker moving into fourth and Mike Gular now racing his way into fifth.

With Watson and Smith racing for the lead, Ricci was alone in third with Barker, Gular, Andy Bachetti, and Allison Ricci all now racing for four, five, six and seven.

Bachetti getting heat into his tires moved into fourth on lap eight, meanwhile up front Smith using his home track knowledge used the bottom line to get under Watson for the lead on lap ten.

On a lap 11 restart Gular made a big move going from sixth to third with Mike Ricci now making his presence felt as he moved into fifth. Gular continued his charge to the front as he moved into second on a lap 13 restart.

With the next 20 laps going caution free Smith showed that he had the car to beat as his setup was perfect for the track conditions and he opened up a full straightaway lead. Gular, Rich Ricci, Jr. Bachetti, and Mike Ricci were all now racing for second in a crowd pleasing battle.

Smith entered heavy lap traffic on lap 22 and this slowed his torrid pace. As Smith was having trouble getting through the heavy lap traffic, this allowed the remainder of the top five to close right in on him.

With a five car gaggle racing for the lead in heavy lap traffic positions were changing nearly every lap. Smith remained in control of the lead with Gular in second, Bachetti took third from Rich Ricci, Jr. on lap 23 and Mike Ricci was racing with Bobby Varin for fifth.

With 20 laps to go and the top six in heavy lap traffic Bachetti moved past Gular for second. With leader Smith still mired in heavy lap traffic Bachetti moved in to make the pass for the lead.

Smiths' big break came on lap 34 as the yellow came out for the spun car of Shawn Walker in turn four. This yellow allowed the field to bunch up and cleared the race track for Smith.

On the double file restart Smith pulled away from Bachetti to once again open up a big lead. Bachetti was left to race with Gular for second while the Ricci boys raced with Varin for positions four, five, and six.

Smith once again entered heavy lap traffic on lap 40 with a full straightaway lead and just like previously he had trouble getting through the heavy lap traffic.

Unlike before Bachetti couldn't make up the huge gap between him and leader Smith and the final yellow would come out on lap 46.

On the single file restart Smith once again opened up a huge lead and raced the final four laps with ease to take the $5,000 win in front of many of his family and friends who were in attendance. Bachetti, Gular, Mike Ricci, and Rich Ricci, Jr. rounded out the top five.

Qualifying heat races were won by Ricci, Jr., Nick Rochinski, Watson, Gular, Allison Ricci, and Nick Nye while consolations were captured by Mitch Gibbs, Cory Costa, and Billy Pauch, Jr.

Earl Zimmer and Bob Mills brought the 20 lap Street Stock feature to green with Zimmer getting the lead over Mills, Tyler Yeagle, Damon Decker, and Dylan Cecce.

Decker was able to get past Yeagle for third on lap two while Yeagle was left to battle with Cecce and Gene Sharpsteen for positions four, five , and six.

With a blanket now literally falling over the top six on lap five Cecce made a big important move going from fifth to fourth.

Mills tried an outside move to get the lead from Zimmer on lap seven and it cost him as Decker and Cecce both got past him to move into second and third respectively.

On a lap ten restart Cecce moved into second and started to apply heavy pressure on leader Zimmer. Decker, Yeagle, and Sharpsteen rounded out the top five at this point.

The second part of the feature saw Zimmer and Cecce racing for the lead. Meanwhile Decker, Yeagle, Sharpsteen and Kurt Stebbins raced for positions three through sixth.

Stebbins moved into fifth on lap 11, fourth on lap 12, and when Decker spun out of third on lap 16 to bring out the yellow, he moved into third.

On the lap 17 restart Cecce turned up the pressure on leader Zimmer as they set up their own private race for the win. Exiting turn two coming around to complete lap 19 Cecce got under Zimmer. The duo raced side by side for the lead, but with Cecce having the preferred inside line he took the lead with the white flag now waving. Zimmer didn't give up and came right back at Cecce for the lead.

At the checkers Cecce in for the $1,000 win with Zimmer in second, he received a $300 bonus for being the first Thunder Mountain weekly racer across the line, Stebbins, Yeagle, and Sharpsteen rounded out the top five.

Qualifying races earlier in the program were won by Cecce, Mills, and Decker.

Dan Force and Kody Sites brought the American Racer Cup Street Stocks 15 lap Champions Challenge to green. Force got the lead over Lanson Albanese, Damon Decker, Sites, and Doug Polhamus. Leader Force spun out of the lead just after completing lap two to bring out the yellow.

Albanese inherited the lead and never looked back over the final 13 laps to claim the $500 win over Decker, Dylan Cecce, Force, and Sites.

Keith Jack Lamphere and Ken Buck brought the 20 lap IMCA Modified feature to green with Buck grabbing the lead over Lamphere, Jake Maynard, Tony Harris, and Gary Roberts.

Buck was able to get the lead following a lap three restart and at the same time Roberts moved into fourth and William Ward into fifth.

A lap five restart saw a big shuffle taking place in the running order behind leader Buck as Maynard moved into second with Ward now in third, Roberts in fourth and Tyler Stoddard in fifth.

Ward got under Maynard for second on the next circuit and started to apply heavy pressure to leader Buck. The pressure by Ward on Buck over the next five laps for the lead was intense to say the least.

Buck slipped up out of the preferred inside groove on lap 11 and that was all Ward needed as he took the lead. Once in front Ward opened up a huge lead as Buck was left to battle with Maynard for second.

Maynard tried every move except tossing the steering wheel at Buck as they raced for second over the next six laps. Finally Buck moved up the track just enough that Maynard was able to get by and move into second on lap 17.

Buck was still under pressure for third as Stoddard was now all over his back bumper with two laps to go, Stoddard was able to get around Buck with a lap to go.

Ward in for the win over Maynard, Stoddard and when Buck slipped out of the groove on the final lap Roberts was able to move to fourth, and Buck in fifth.

Heat races were won by Maynard and Stoddard.

Short Track Super Nationals 10 Saturday Notes — former event winner Craig Hanson found a small crack in the head on his brand new engine, he went to the local auto parts store and bought apoxy and sealed the crack and he qualified for the feature. All three members of the racing Ricci Family all qualified through the heats. Duane Howard was slated to start on the pole for the feature but during the American Racer Cup Champions Challenge contact from Ryan Watt broke the rear end on the Howard car and he drove the Steve Young car in the feature. Just how tough was it to qualify showed that five out of the top ten in Short Track Super Series North Region points failed to make the show and the South Region point leader also failed to qualify. The Modified American Racer Cup Champions Challenge Match Races proved to be highly entertaining with some results leaving the standing room only crowd in a frenzy. Several Street Stocks competed at another track earlier in the day, arrived just in time for the heat race, unloaded and went racing in a matter of seconds.

Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By Vp Racing Fuel North Region Race #8 Modifieds Finish:

Rusty Smith, Andy Bachetti, Mike Gular, Mike Ricci, Rich Ricci, Jr., Bobby Varin, Nick Nye, Billy Pauch, Jr., Jordan Watson, Brett Tonkin, Tommy Meier, Anthony Perrego, Allison Ricci, Danny Creeden, Billy Decker, Nick Rochinski, Jeremy Smith, JR Hurlburt, Steve Davis, Kenny Titus, Chris Stull, Cory Costa, Richard Smith, Shawn Walker, Mitch Gibbs, Alan Barker, Craig Hanson, Kevin Jordan, Duane Howard

DNQ'S: Lee Dewitt, Kevin Sockriter, Dan Pompey, Ryan Watt, Bob Stahl, Dan Hineline, Steven Deinhardt, Paul Jensen, Kurt Decker, Ray See, Jr., Matt DeLorenzo, Darwin Greene, Kyle Van Duser, Harold Humphrey, Mike Clapperton, Nick Mady, Joe Judge, Richie Eurich, Ryan Jordan, Brian Malcolm, Dale Welty, Brett Barrett, Jerry Higbie, Jr., Frank Yankowski, Ricky Newton, Tim Mayne, Adam Hilton, Jimmy Wells, Shawn Ward, Steve Young, Larry Mekic.

Trackside Products Street Stocks Finish:

Dylan Cecce, Earl Zimmer, Kurt Stebbins, Tyler Yeagle, Gene Sharpsteen, Jerry Lobdell, Jr., Shane Wolf, Jr., Dan Force, Jake Fowlston, Trevor Dudley, Dustin Harris, Damon Decker, Dave Cronk, Daren Cox, Zach Seyerlein, Bob Mills, Matt Bowman, Doug Polhamus, Chris Meshewske, Dan Matarese, Shawn Stalker, Sean Boynton, Kody Sites, Lanson Albanese. DNS; Jonathon Carpenter

IMCA Modifieds Finish:

William Ward, Jake Maynard, Tyler Stoddard, Gary Roberts, Ken Buck, Mike Stoddard, Eric Stumpf, Jeff Austin, Keith Lamphere, Beau Ballard

American Racer Cup Modified Champion Match Races:

Round 1; Danny Creeden def. Dan Pompey

Round 2; Danny Creeden def. Richard Smith

Round 3; Jordan Watson def. Danny Creeden

Round 4; Andy Bachetti def. Jordan watson

Round 5; Nick Rochinski def. Andy Bachetti

Round 6; Billy Pauch, Jr. def. Nick Rochinski

Round 7; Ryan Watt def. Billy Pauch, Jr.

Round 8; Ryan Watt def. Duane Howard

American Racer Cup Street Stock Champions Dash:

Lanson Albanese, Damon Decker, Dylan Cecce, Dan Force, Kody Sites, Doug Polhamus