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Congratulations to 10/06 & 10/07 Feature winners: Claude Hutchins Jr., Bobby Hackel IV, Phil Burns, Rusty Smith, Dylan Cecce & William Ward!
Congratulations 2017 Track Champions: Modified — Andy Bachetti, Open Sportsman — Claude Hutchins Jr., Crate Sportsman — Cody Clark, Street Stock — Damon Decker & 4 Cyl Trucks — Ralph Cuozzo!

Ron Ford to Continue Afton Motorsports Park Operations in 2018

AFTON, NY – Racing will continue at the Afton Fairgrounds in 2018.

On Wednesday afternoon, Ron Ford confirmed he would continue as promoter of Afton Motorsports Park next season. Ford, with partner Leon Andrus, just concluded their first season operating the facility in successful fashion with a jam-packed American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals 10 weekend.

Ron For to Continue Afton Motorsports Park Operations in 2018 - Continued >>

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Short Track Super Nationals 10 Saturday Night ~ Results

Afton, NY — Over the first nine years of the Short Track Super Nationals it has been proven by looking at the list of feature winners that this race can be won by anybody.

On Saturday night at the Afton Motorsports Park that analogy proved to be true once again as former asphalt Modified racer and one night a week racer Rusty Smith of Oxford, NY completely dominated the 50 lap feature to claim the $5,000 win.

Smith took the lead on lap 10 from Jordan Watson and survived four restarts and heavy lap traffic to claim the win. Andy Bachetti, Mike Gular, Mike Ricci, and Rich Ricci, Jr. completed the top five.

Bridgeport Speedway track champion Ryan Watt who failed to qualify for the feature went home with some bucks in his pocket. As he won the American Racers Cup Champions Challange worth $2,000.

Dylan Cecce won the 20 lap Street Stock feature worth $1,000. As he took the lead from Earl Zimmer with two laps to go and went on to the win, Kurt Stebbins, Tyler Yeagle, and Gene Sharpsteen rounded out the top five.

Skyline and Thunder Mountain Speedways track champion Lanson Albanese won the 15 lap American Racers Cup Champions Challenge for Street Stocks, worth $500.

William Ward won the 20 lap IMCA Modified feature worth $400. Ward passed Ken Buck on lap 11 and never looked back to claim the win, Jake Maynard, Tyler Stoddard, Gary Roberts, and Buck completed the top five.

10/07/2017 Recap - Continued >>

Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By Vp Racing Fuel North Region Race #8 Modifieds Finish:

Rusty Smith, Andy Bachetti, Mike Gular, Mike Ricci, Rich Ricci, Jr., Bobby Varin, Nick Nye, Billy Pauch, Jr., Jordan Watson, Brett Tonkin, Tommy Meier, Anthony Perrego, Allison Ricci, Danny Creeden, Billy Decker, Nick Rochinski, Jeremy Smith, JR Hurlburt, Steve Davis, Kenny Titus, Chris Stull, Cory Costa, Richard Smith, Shawn Walker, Mitch Gibbs, Alan Barker, Craig Hanson, Kevin Jordan, Duane Howard

DNQ'S: Lee Dewitt, Kevin Sockriter, Dan Pompey, Ryan Watt, Bob Stahl, Dan Hineline, Steven Deinhardt, Paul Jensen, Kurt Decker, Ray See, Jr., Matt DeLorenzo, Darwin Greene, Kyle Van Duser, Harold Humphrey, Mike Clapperton, Nick Mady, Joe Judge, Richie Eurich, Ryan Jordan, Brian Malcolm, Dale Welty, Brett Barrett, Jerry Higbie, Jr., Frank Yankowski, Ricky Newton, Tim Mayne, Adam Hilton, Jimmy Wells, Shawn Ward, Steve Young, Larry Mekic.

Trackside Products Street Stocks Finish:

Dylan Cecce, Earl Zimmer, Kurt Stebbins, Tyler Yeagle, Gene Sharpsteen, Jerry Lobdell, Jr., Shane Wolf, Jr., Dan Force, Jake Fowlston, Trevor Dudley, Dustin Harris, Damon Decker, Dave Cronk, Daren Cox, Zach Seyerlein, Bob Mills, Matt Bowman, Doug Polhamus, Chris Meshewske, Dan Matarese, Shawn Stalker, Sean Boynton, Kody Sites, Lanson Albanese. DNS; Jonathon Carpenter

IMCA Modifieds Finish:

William Ward, Jake Maynard, Tyler Stoddard, Gary Roberts, Ken Buck, Mike Stoddard, Eric Stumpf, Jeff Austin, Keith Lamphere, Beau Ballard, Gary Smith, Keith Jack Lamphere, Tony Harris, Billy Ward

American Racer Cup Modified Champion Match Races:

Round 1; Danny Creeden def. Dan Pompey

Round 2; Danny Creeden def. Richard Smith

Round 3; Jordan Watson def. Danny Creeden

Round 4; Andy Bachetti def. Jordan watson

Round 5; Nick Rochinski def. Andy Bachetti

Round 6; Billy Pauch, Jr. def. Nick Rochinski

Round 7; Ryan Watt def. Billy Pauch, Jr.

Round 8; Ryan Watt def. Duane Howard

American Racer Cup Street Stock Champions Dash:

Lanson Albanese, Damon Decker, Dylan Cecce, Dan Force, Kody Sites, Doug Polhamus

Short Track Super Nationals 10 Friday Night ~ Results

By JR Kennerup

Sportsman Winner Claude Hutchins Jr.
Claude Hutchins Jr. wins the sportsman class on 10/06/2017 image

CRSA Sprint Winner Bobby Hackel IV
Bobby Hackel IV wins in the CRSA Sprint class on 10/06/2017 image

4 Cylinder FWD Winner Phil Burns
Phil Burns wins in the 4 Cylinder FWD class on 10/06/2017 image

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Afton, NY — The 10th edition of the " Working Man's Race " the Short Track Super Nationals got off to an exciting start on Friday night at the Afton Motorsports Park in front of a jammed packed facility.

The featured race of the night the 35 lap Short Track Super Series Sportsman powered by VP Racing Fuels feature was a barn burner right to the end. Claude Hutchings, Jr. took advantage of leader Jimmy Wells getting tangled up with a lap car on the final lap to regain the lead he lost to Wells two laps earlier and then held off Nick Nye to claim the $1,500 win. Wells limped across the line in third with Nick Mady and Bill Deckleman completing the top five.

With his tenth place finish in the Sportsman feature Corey Cormier won the Sportsman Short Track Super Series powered by VP Racing Fuels championship.

Brian White won the American Racer Cup Sportsman Champions Match Races to claim the top prize of $1,000.

The Modifieds were on hand running timed hot laps for an opportunity to run in the Top 10 Dash with the winner going directly into the feature re-draw on Saturday night. Alan Barker was the fastest car all night long and won this race.

The Street Stocks also ran timed hot laps with the overall fast time of the night getting $200 cash from Wheeler's Excavating of Deposit, NY. Jerry Lobdell, Jr. set quick time to claim the money.

10/06/2017 Recap - Continued >>

Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled by Vp Racing Fuels Crate Open Sportsman Finish:

Claude Hutchings, Jr., Nick Nye, Jimmy Wells, Nick Mady, Bill Deckleman, Kenny Hammond, Michael Schane, Cody Clark, Brian White, Corey Cormier, Shayne Spoonhower, Dennis Clapperton, Kevin Jordan, Larry Mekic, Harold Humphrey, Jack Miller, AJ Digsby, Craig Pope, Butch Klinger, Travis Smith, Matt Stangle, Chris Jordan, Hunter Lapp, Leo Fotopoulous, Allan Hodge, Tyler Hart, Steve Andersen, Cole Hentschel

DNQ'S: Lisa Williams, David DeMorest, Dave Rosa, Craig Whitmoyer, Rich Ricci, III, Rob Loucks, Ryan MaCartney, Kenny Bock, Tim French II, Daniel Morgiewicz, JR Fulper, Kevin Ward, Tommy Velez, Eric Leet, Brian Fish, Don Hart, Jr., Kurtis Hohensheldt, Bob Buono, Jerry Tonti, Blaine Klinger, Dennis Greenier, Michael Grover, Chad Ray, Dan Burman, Jim O'Hara

CRSA Sprint Cars Finish:

Bobby Hackel IV, Josh Pieniezak, Dustin Purdy, Dana Wagner, Jeff Trombley, Syndey Prince, Brian Krummel, Dalton Herrick, Tyler Boniface, Jerry Senn, Chuck Alessi, Thomas Radivoy, Christian Rumsey, Kyle Smith, Johnny Scarborough, Chloe Andreas, Peter Dance, Emily Van Ingwegan, Billy VanIngwegan, Link Pettit, Leo Yeager, Rick Stone

Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder Finish:

Phil Burns, Mike Robinson, Tim Vandermark, John Mason

American Racer Cup Sportsman Champions Match Races $1,000 to Winner

Round 1 — Claude Hutchings, Jr. def. Allan Hodge

Round 2 — Hutchings def. JR Fulper

Round 3 — Hutchings def. Michael Schane

Round 4 — Hutchings def. Brian Fish

Round 5 — Hutchings def. Matt Stangle

Round 6 — Kenny Hammond def. Hutchings by .009 of a second

Round 7 — Hammond def. Craig Whitmoyer

Round 8 — Brian White def. Hammond

Round 9 — White def. Kevin Jordan $1,000 for White.

Modified Top Ten Dash:

Alan Barker, Danny Creeden, Andy Bachetti, Jordan Watson, Mike Gular, Nick Nye, Paul Jensen, Dan Hineline, Steve Deinhart, Mitch Gibbs

DNQ'S: Mike Ricci, Billy Van Ingwegan, Allison Ricci, Rich Ricci, Jr., Jeremy Smith, Billy Decker, Ray See, Jr., JR Hurlburt, Tim Mayne, Kevin Sockriter, Sean Ward, Kenny Titus, Craig Hanson

Street Stock Time Trials:

Jerry Lobdell, Jr., Dustin Harris, Jake Fowlston, Dan Roe, Kody Sites

NJ Track Champions Billy Pauch Jr. (New Egypt) and Ryan Watt (Bridgeport) Headed To American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals 10 At Afton Motorsports Park

by Brett Deyo

Short Track SuperNationals LogoAFTON, NY — New Jersey's two operating dirt tracks will see their champions in Empire State action on Columbus Day weekend.

Both Billy Pauch Jr., the New Egypt (N.J.) Speedway champion, and Ryan Watt, the point title winner at Bridgeport (N.J.) Speedway, have set plans to compete in the American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals 10 taking place October 6-7 at Afton Motorsports Park.

The Modified portion of the program goes green on Saturday, featuring the Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series (STSS) Fueled By VP Halmar International North Region.

STSS Modifieds battle for 50 laps paying $5,000-plus to win and $400 to take the green flag for the "Working Man's Race" 10th anniversary.

Latest news about "The Working Man's Race" - Continued >>

The Speed Sport Showcase to Return to Scranton, PA in 2018

For over two decades there hasn't been a motorsports show in the Scranton area that was geared towards the racing community, but that is all going to change. The Speed Sport Showcase is in the beginning phases of returning to Northeast Pennsylvania in early 2018.

Tony Frable, current owner of Morgan'Z Pub & Eatery in Scranton, will head this operation. Frable, a popular entrepreneur in the area and an avid racing fan, is also a casual racer himself when the time permits. Bringing the car show back to life in "The Valley" has been on the mind of Tony's for a while and now it seems that it will become a reality.

The Speed Sport Showcase to Return to Scranton, PA in 2018 - Continued >>

American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals 10 "Working Man's Race" Registration Open, Rules & Pricing Set for Afton Motorsports Park Oct. 6-7

by Brett Deyo

Short Track SuperNationals Logo AFTON, NY — If the 10th anniversary Short Track SuperNationals wasn't enough, Columbus Day weekend (October 6-7) at Afton Motorsports Park will be even more exciting for fans and lucrative for racers.

Thanks to American Racer, regional distributor Lias Tire of Indiana, Pa., and Sunoco Race Fuels, area track champions will have the opportunity to face off at the fairgrounds facility.

The American Racer Cup weekend and Short Track SuperNationals have merged for one huge weekend event in 2017.

All American Racer Cup presented by Sunoco Modified champions have been extended invitations for Match Races on the Short Track SuperNationals Saturday portion (October 7). Drivers participating in the Match Races will receive a certificate for a FREE American Racer tire.

News about "The Working Man's Race" - Continued >>

American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals 10 ~ Forms

Below are camping and registration forms for the American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals 10!

[Modified Entry Form] [Sportsman Entry Form] [Reserved Camping Form]

American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals 10 "Working Man's Race" Registration Open, Rules & Pricing Set for Afton Motorsports Park Oct. 6-7

by Brett Deyo

AFTON, NY — September 8, 2017 — For the 10th consecutive year, the Short Track SuperNationals serves as an affordable option for racers on Columbus Day weekend.

The "Working Man's Race" as it is appropriately known has provided a decade's worth of opportunities for weekend warriors — Friday, Saturday and Sunday racers — with big paydays and unprecedented headlines.

The event, now partnered with the American Racer Cup weekend, celebrates its 10th anniversary on October 6-7 at Afton Motorsports Park, the very same facility that hosted the first back in 2006.

More about "The Working Man's Race" - Continued >>

Welcome to the Afton Motorsports Website!

First off let's get you all acquainted with us. We are Ronnie Ford and Leon Andrus and are the new promoters of Afton Motorsports Park, formally known as I-88 Speedway located on the Afton Fairgrounds. We are ready to get started and are working hard to secure sponsors and working on a full race schedule that will be official around the end of January.

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